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Leather upholstery as your furniture is a fruitful investment as it improves the décor of your room. Leather has always been a sign of class since ages and is used to give a touch of class to any place like your office or home. The leather is generally quite durable in nature, but regular usage leads to wears and tears. Thus you must get your upholsteries cleaned at regular interval to maintain its look. Often cleaning products available in the market are inappropriate for leather items and instead of cleaning can cause damage to them. It may cause cracking of the leather due to dryness. We take care of these things and use only those cleansers that do not cause any damage to the leather items during the Upholstery Cleaning.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Cleaning Melbourne

What Causes Harm to The Leather Furniture and Products We Use for Leather Upholstery Cleaning?

  1. Several things can be responsible for wear and tear of your furniture covers for example perspiration, body oils, skin acids, etc. These may gradually lead to stains and dark spots. Some of the factors causing damage are as follows
  2. Grease and oily substances- Oils from the body of humans who use the upholstery and the pet in the house seep in or gets transferred into the leather regularly due to random and everyday usage. The protective finish of the upholstery of your furniture is also damaged.
  3. Soils and specks of dust- Dust particles often carry airborne pollutants and cooking oils coming from everyday activities at your home and kitchen. These particles of dust and dirt make their way to the leather furniture and settle down to cause damage to them.
  4. Common dirt- Sand, soil, fibers coming from trees and plants often get traced into the house by children, pets and even adults. They get attached to the furniture every time one uses it and causes damage to the surface of the leather.
  5. Inks and dyes- Ink present on the newspaper or a leaking pen or dyes present on fabrics for example on denim get transferred to the leather upholstery. Removing these inks and dyes will be quite hard and will also damage the surface of the furniture.
Leather Couch Cleaning

Leather Couch Cleaning

The Best Way for Leather Upholstery Cleaning

There are chemical–dry available in the market which is effective and at the same time safe for the furniture with leather coverings. These offer a natural shine to the leather and also restore the vibrancy of the material. You can prevent wear and tear and also maintain the look of the furniture by regularly cleaning with this chem-dry. Moreover, we have certified specialists who can easily identify the type of leather used in your furniture. We know which product to use to remove any particular element like a stain, oil residues, soil, dirt, and dust. We finally protect and condition your leather to replenish and bring out its original and natural beauty.

The leather upholsteries generally last for years; therefore, you will surely find a couple of scrapes and nicks on it. But with our technicians, you can be sure to get rid of these problems as they are trained enough to deal with all these situations.  We apply only that pigmentation which has the same tan as your leather upholstery coverings. We recommend that you get your upholsteries cleaned at a regular interval and hire a professional after every two to four years to clean it. The frequency of cleaning depends upon the wear and tear of the furniture and also the age of the furniture.

Tips For You to Consider Before and After We are Finished With The Leather Upholstery Cleaning

  • You must keep your fan switched on, and if required even the air conditioner must be kept on after we clean your fabric. This acts as natural ventilation and allows your sofa to dry up. The drying time taken by your leather depends on the thickness of the upholstery. Generally, it takes two to three hours for it to dry up completely.
  • You can shift your furniture if possible before we arrive. This will save time and make the process quicker.
  • We are well equipped and talented to remove stubborn stains, but you must remove any food items or grease or similar items immediately from the leather surface when it falls on it. This makes the process easier, and less damage is caused to the leather fibers and fabrics.
Professional Leather Cleaning Services

Professional Leather Cleaning Melbourne Services

We at SK Upholstery Cleaning understand your concern for your furniture and upholsteries. You love using them daily which leads to its damage, wears, and tears. Hence you need to get them cleaned. You will love the fresh look after we clean your upholstery. You can contact us at 0482075208 for further details about our services.