Upholstery Cleaning Smiths Gully

By | October 14, 2012

SK Upholstery Cleaning Smiths Gully – Professional Couch Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning & Lounge Cleaning Service at affordable prices.

Who doesn’t want to see their upholstery furniture shining and sparkling? Who doesn’t wish to live a healthier life on cleaner furniture? But how many of us actually take efforts and time to do so? Do you really care about your furniture? Do you get it professionally cleaned regularly? If not then it is time to show some care for your favorite upholstery items. SK Upholstery Cleaning Smiths Gully is the one-stop destination for all your upholstery cleaning requirements. We are the upholstery cleaning specialists who have cost-effective solutions for cleaning upholstery, cleaning urine from couch, cleaning vomit from couch, cleaning leather sofa, stain removal, odour removal, couch steam cleaning, and sofa cleaning etc. One of our expert team is dedicated to deal in only upholstery cleaning services in Smiths Gully to be able to do justice to our work. We do not have generalized cleaning methods and so no everybody handles all kinds of cleaning. We have exclusive teams for different cleaning services.

Upholstery Cleaning Smiths Gully

Upholstery Cleaning Smiths Gully

What We Do And How We Do It!

SK offers you noticeable upholstery cleaning service that ensures that your upholstery furniture not just gleams out of cleaning but also becomes healthy and harmless to be used by your family. Do you know that your furniture attracts most of the dirt, dust mites, bacteria, human body oil, and numerous kinds of other pollutants? Do you know these reside so deep in the fabric of the upholstery that you are unable to see them with naked eyes? And do you know that being invisible they still have the potential to cause lethal hazards to you and your loved ones? SK Cleaning Smiths Gully ensures to get rid of all these poisonous wastes from your upholstery and give it a new look. This is also beneficial for the upholstery as it extends its life, thereby saving your future expenditures on new upholstery. You can clean, revive, restore, and bring back your upholstery to life with our valuable upholstery cleaning services. We use high-tech methods, contemporary machines, and ultra-modern cleaning solutions. A deadly combination of these three things is used by our highly qualified and extremely experienced cleaners to achieve more than expected consequences. We have a proven record of many years and you can get benefitted from our rich experience by calling us on 1300 660 487!

Couch Cleaning By Steam Smiths Gully

Couch Steam Cleaning Smiths Gully

SK’s Unique Advantages – Couch Cleaning Smiths Gully

Hiring experts from SK upholstery cleaning grants you a lot of advantages. Apart from quality cleaning, affordable prices, and assured services there are numerous other benefits.

  1. Our cleaning solutions are safe for your pets, children, and environment.
  2. We are able to clean all kinds of upholstery – be it synthetic, microfiber, leather, cotton, silk, and any other kind. Our expert cleaners first determine the fabric of the upholstery and accordingly use a cleaning method.
  3. Our fabric protectors enhance the life of your upholstery and keep it protected from further stains in future.
  4. 100% quotes over phone and quick booking is done at SK.
  5. With us you have clarity right from the beginning; we don’t have hidden charges.
  6. You can further save money by availing our special discounts and offers.
Cleaning Leather Sofa Smiths Gully

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Smiths Gully

Stain And Odour Removal

SK upholstery cleaning in Smiths Gully has proven competence in stain and odour removal from upholstery and carpets. We have strong cleaning solvents for removing stains and our sanitizing process ensures that your upholstery becomes odour free once we work upon it. No matter what kind of stain you have on your upholstery, our cleaners will try their best to get rid of it. No stain is tough enough to stand our expert cleaning treatments. Upholstery cleaning is a passion for us and we love restoring any piece of upholstery to its original form in the best possible way. Got pet stains on your couch? Don’t worry! Hire SK experts and continue living fun moments with your pet on your couch. Call us right away for an unbelievable cleaning experience.

Sofa Cleaning Smiths Gully

Sofa Cleaning Smiths Gully

Guaranteed Results @ Budget Price!

Our prices our low but not our ambitions; we are high on quality but low on rates! Yes, we follow the policy of providing the highest level of quality at lowest possible prices. Also to give you more peace of mind you get guaranteed results with all our cleaning and repairing services. We believe that guaranteed service motivates us to work harder and encourages our customers to have faith in us. Because we assure you that if you are not satisfied with our services, we will re-do it for FREE! We offer connoisseur upholstery cleaning with guaranteed results at a price that fits in your budget in all suburbs of Smiths Gully. You do not need to worry about your upholstery anymore; let the experts do the task. Just give us a call and let us take care of your favorite and expensive upholstery in the best possible way. We not just clean them but we restore them for a new life!

Cotton & silk Couches Cleaning Smiths Gully

Cotton & silk Couches Cleaning Smiths Gully

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Best Upholstery Cleaning Company

If you are looking for the finest and safest cleaning services for your upholstery in Melbourne then come to SK Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne – a renowned name in cleaning industry. SK is an age old name and is not just another upholstery cleaner in the town. We take upholstery cleaning very seriously and our aim is to every single piece of upholstery is utterly spotless and extremely clean. We clean all kinds of upholstery from microfiber, normal, to leather upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning Procedure @ SK Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

When you hire experts from SK Upholstery Cleaning we assure you superior quality service that will leave you absolutely satisfied. Our commitment to deliver excellence is reflected in our guaranteed results that we offer with all our cleaning services.

We follow a fool proof upholstery cleaning process at SK Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne and it includes the following steps:

  1. Inspection – First of all our technicians get down to the inspection of upholstery to be cleaned. This is done to decide which cleaning solution would be most appropriate. You will be informed of any repair if required at this stage.
  2. Dry Vacuuming – After the inspection, the first step is to get rid of all dry soil, dust, and other dry particles with the help of hi-tech vacuuming.
  3. Stain Removal – At this stage, the stains on the upholstery are treated well again with chemical free cleaning agent.
  4. Washing – We use hot water extraction method for flawless upholstery cleaning.
  5. Drying Upholstery – The upholstery is dried using powerful vacuums. It is important to get rid of all moisture content as it could lead to serious damage.
  6. Post-Inspection – And at last a final inspection is conducted of the upholstery to make sure perfection has been achieved.

Get benefitted from the experienced, certified, skilled, and knowledgeable technicians of SK Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne with a simple call. We are available on weekends and public holidays so you can call us literally any time of the week! And we promise to deliver you quality service at the lowest possible prices in Melbourne.

Upholstery Sanitizing

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We have been using SK Upholstery Cleaning to get our commercial upholstery sanitized on regular intervals. They are always our first choice because of the quality service their deliver. These cleaners deliver a standard of service that seems like an extension of our own professionalism. They are available even on short notices and cover all suburbs of Melbourne. All the cleaners, on board, have proper training and enough experience to take care of our upholstery in the finest possible way.

Fast Professional Upholstery Cleaning

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The team of SK Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne performed fast professional upholstery cleaning at our home. Every team member was a professional and performed quality work with our expensive furniture. – Lewis


5 5 1
he team of SK Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne carried out the work very well. And their prices are very reasonable. I would recommend their services.

Reliable and Professional Service

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If you are looking for reliable and professional upholstery cleaning service without shelling a fortune then SK Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is the place for you. Their 20 years of experience is reflected in their performance. They should be awarded for the kind of service they offer.

great job

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I had my 2 couches cleaned after being in storage for 2 years and was so happy with the result. The guys vacuumed first then steam cleaned. would highly recommend sk upholstery.

Lowest Prices for Microfiber Upholstery Cleaning

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We got our microfiber upholstery cleaned at lowest prices in Melbourne. Quality work, great workmanship, flawless customer service, and quick response – SK Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne has everything one needs to be a professional and reliable upholstery cleaner.

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